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February 08, 2021
Category: Healthcare
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You might be one of the many people questioning the importance of a colonoscopy. Here's something that might change your mind: Colorectal cancer is the third most leading cause of cancer in men and women, according to the CDC. A colonoscopy is the only colorectal cancer screening that can actually prevent cancer while screening for it. If you are over 50 it is crucial to get a colonoscopy because you are more likely to develop polyps past that age. To schedule a colonoscopy in Brandon, FL call Dr. Joel Biggers and Dr. Elizabeth Biggers at Biggers Family Medicine.

How does a Colonoscopy Prevent Cancer?

A colonoscopy can actually prevent colorectal cancer because your doctor can remove the precancerous symptoms during the procedure. Colon cancer is preventable because it develops from polyps inside your colon or rectum. By removing these polyps during a colonoscopy you decrease the risk of colon cancer significantly.

There are other tests that screen for colon cancer, such as stool and DNA tests. However, those screenings can produce false positives and your doctor will recommend a colonoscopy anyway. It is helpful to get multiple tests, but do not avoid a colonoscopy if you receive another type of test. A colonoscopy is the only colorectal cancer screening that can remove potential cancer from your body. Consider scheduling your next colonoscopy appointment with Biggers Family Medicine in Brandon, FL.

When Should You Get a Colonoscopy?

The American Cancer Society recommends people should start screening for colorectal cancer at 50 years old. Others who are high risk may need to be screen younger and more frequently. Be sure to follow the recommendation of Dr. Biggers on when to schedule your next test. Irregular screening can increase the chances that the polyps develop into colon cancer before they can be removed.

Modern colonoscopies are safer and more subdued than before. The exam is often done while you are under conscious sedation, which feels like light sleep, but you are awake. The test is less intrusive with the advancements made to endoscopy technology, and the preparation is less burdensome, too. Nothing compares, however, to the security you get when getting a colonoscopy. It is estimated that 1 in 18 people will develop colon cancer in their lifetime. Wouldn't you want to be safe from this unfortunately common cancer?

Call Dr. Joel and Elizabeth Biggers at (813) 655-4646 to schedule your colonoscopy in Brandon, Florida. Biggers Family Medicine will always be dedicated to your health. You should be too, by getting a colonoscopy.

February 05, 2021
Category: Healthcare
Tags: Diabetes  

Dr. Joel Biggers and Dr. Elizabeth Biggers of Biggers Family Medicine in Brandon, FL help patients of all ages with diabetes. Managing your health is imperative when you've been diagnosed with diabetes.

Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes the best thing you can do is commit to managing your diabetes. Monitoring your blood sugar, taking any medications, and following your doctor's instructions are all important for managing diabetes, and your Brandon, FL, physicians want to see you maintain your health.

Healthy eating and exercise are important to maintain a healthy weight and control diabetes. Choose healthy, low-fat foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. Drink plenty of water and skip sugary drinks. Find an exercise you enjoy, and commit to regular activity.

Healthy eating and exercise are also important to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control. This can only help you when you have diabetes. High blood pressure can damage your blood vessels, and high cholesterol does even more damage when you have diabetes.

Another thing you can do to manage your health with diabetes is committing to not smoking. Smoking only increases the chances you'll develop several complications related to diabetes. Most people can't quit on their own or their first try, so don't get discouraged.

Foot care is also important for diabetic patients. High blood sugar can reduce blood flow and damage the nerves in your feet, leaving the feet prone to infection. Daily washing of the feet is recommended, and check them every day for small cuts or blisters to prevent infection.

Managing stress is important for diabetic patients because stress often causes us to forget self-care. Stress can also raise your blood sugar. Get plenty of sleep and find relaxation techniques that work for you to control stress levels.

If you need help managing your diabetes, contact Dr. Joel Biggers and Dr. Elizabeth Biggers of Biggers Family Medicine in Brandon, FL at (813) 655-4646.

February 01, 2021
Category: Healthcare
Tags: Warts  

Wondering how to get rid of your warts?

Warts are common skin growths that will typically go away on their own without treatment; however, it can take years for this to happen. So, if you are in a hurry to get rid of the wart, or if the wart is in uncomfortable, painful or embarrassing spot such as the face or soles of the feet, then our Brandon, FL, physicians Drs. Joel and Elizabeth Biggers can help you get rid of the wart a whole lot faster.

Should I see a doctor about my warts?

As we mentioned, warts are harmless, benign growths that rarely cause problems; however, you may wish to turn to our Brandon, FL, doctors if,

  • You are dealing with several warts
  • Your warts are spreading
  • Your warts are large or keep growing
  • Over-the-counter medications and remedies aren’t helping
  • Your warts hurt, crust over or bleed
  • You have diabetes
  • You develop warts on the face, soles of your feet or genitals
  • You’ve never had warts before and you’re not sure if your growth is a wart

It is easy to mistake a growth or bump for a wart, so if you’ve never had warts before you may be looking up images online to try and figure out if you have a wart. It’s important that you know what you’re dealing with before you decide to treat it, as treating the wrong problem could lead to further issues.

How will a doctor treat my warts?

If you don’t want to wait until the wart goes away on its own, our Brandon, FL, medical team offers a few solutions for getting rid of the wart. The best treatment option will depend on the number of warts, as well as where they are located and how big they are. Common ways to treat and remove warts include,

Cryotherapy: Freezing the wart off with liquid nitrogen is one of the most common and easiest methods for treating warts. While you can find over-the-counter tools that will freeze off the wart at home, you may want to make sure that the procedure is performed safely under the care of a qualified medical professional. We can easily freeze the wart off at your next appointment.

Electrosurgery: Another way to remove a wart is by burning or scraping the growth away. This is a good option if you only need to treat one or a couple of warts (it’s not ideal if you are dealing with warts in multiple areas of the body).

Surgical excision: If other wart removal options haven’t worked and you find that your wart keeps returning, then surgical excision may be the most effective approach for preventing the wart from developing again in the future.

If you are dealing with warts that are unsightly or uncomfortable, our Brandon, FL, doctors can provide you with the treatment options you need. Call Biggers Family Medicine today at (813) 655-4646 to schedule an appointment.