Living With Your Pacemaker
June 09, 2020
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A lot of individuals with a pacemaker can easily go back to their day-to-day activities following their recovery from the implantation surgery. But there are particular situations that your physician will instruct you to avoid.

Besides going to routine checkups with a primary care physician here in Biggers Family Medicine, P.A. in Brandon, FL, Dr. Joel Biggers or Dr. Elizabeth Biggers, to ensure that the pacemaker is functioning properly, here are general guidelines you must observe when living with a pacemaker.

Safe Physical Activity

While most patients are able to resume exercising and sexual activities following recovery, you need to avoid rough activities that might result in you hitting or falling on your implantation site since this could damage your pacemaker. When in doubt, ask your physician about specific physical activity guidelines.

Dental and Medical Tests and Procedures

Prior to undergoing any procedure or test, always inform the doctor, technician, nurse, or dentist that you have a pacemaker. They might have to confer with your primary care physician before doing the test or procedure, particularly if the procedure is something unusual or new. These might potentially impact your pacemaker’s function and would need extra precautionary measures to reduce or prevent any negative effects on your pacemaker.

Travel With Confidence

The majority of individuals who have pacemakers could travel safely provided that no other underlying health issue is restricting them from doing so. The most important thing to remember when traveling is advanced and thorough planning. So before leaving, discuss the following with your primary care physician in Brandon, FL:

  • Specific instructions, care, and recommendations for activity
  • What you should do when you experience symptoms or discomfort
  • How to get emergency services or find a physician in your destination

The American Heart Association also recommends bringing a pacemaker ID card with you at all times.

Going Through Security With Ease

Before walking into places with security checks, particularly those with metal detectors or wands, show your ID card to inform them about your pacemaker. In the event that you feel rapid heartbeats or dizziness, stay back away from the detector and walk at your usual pace. These detectors won’t damage your pacemaker, but will set off when it detects the device.

A Crucial Warning on Magnets and Electricity

The energy fields surrounding certain equipment that utilize magnets and electricity might negatively impact your pacemaker’s normal operation. Although most electromagnetic fields are weak and small and won’t harm your pacemaker, electrical equipment with strong energy fields such as gas-powered chainsaws or welders, might wreak havoc on your pacemaker’s functioning.

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