Measles update
May 13, 2019
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The following question: answer section is taken directly from the CDC - Center for Disease Control’s website regarding measles as of April 2019

Q: Am I protected against measles?

A: CDC considers you protected from measles if you have written documentation (records) showing at least one of the following:

    •       You received two doses of measles-containing vaccine, and you are a(n)—

                ◦       school-aged child (grades K-12)

                ◦       adult who will be in a setting that poses a high risk for measles transmission, including students at post-high school education institutions, healthcare personnel, and international travelers.

    •       You received one dose of measles-containing vaccine, and you are a(n)—

                ◦       preschool-aged child

                ◦       adult who will not be in a high-risk setting for measles transmission.

    •       A laboratory confirmed that you had measles at some point in your life.

    •       A laboratory confirmed that you are immune to measles.

    •       You were born before 1957.

The recent Measles outbreaks have made a lot of people very wary.  The Biggers Family Medicine team wanted to make sure that our staff, patients, and families understood their risks.   

Outbreaks have been increasing in recent years, typically the outbreak starts from an overseas source and then spreads into an unvaccinated niche in a community.  The communities affected have been an Amish community in Ohio (unvaccinated), a Somali - American community in Minnesota which was primarily unvaccinated, and most recently in the Orthodox Jewish communities of New York which is largely unvaccinated.  The most widespread outbreak started at a theme park in California, but again, those affected were primarily unvaccinated - despite different backgrounds. 

Insurance MAY not cover re vaccination and MAY not cover the cost of titers (test for whether or not you are immune).  The pricing for the Vaccines and the Titers are listed below. 

Measles titer / Rubeola Titer : (to find out if you are immune) $34

MMR Vaccine: ( to get immune ) $75, + admin fee

We would be happy to re vaccinate you or test you if it would ease your mind regarding the outbreaks.  If you would like to make an appointment to discuss, we can do that as well.  Our lab is open 8:30 - 4 pm with a lunch from 12-1:30.  We will administer the vaccine or draw the titer in our lab.