Osteopathic Wellcare
February 24, 2020
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How osteopathic wellcare from your doctors in Brandon, FL, can make a difference in your health

If you think medicine is all about prescription medications, you need to discover the difference that osteopathic wellcare can make in your life. A method focusing on your whole person, not just individual parts, osteopathic wellcare is all about keeping you well by preventing disease.

Drs. Joel and Elizabeth Biggers at Biggers Family Medicine in Brandon, FL, offer osteopathic wellcare that can make a difference in your health.

What osteopathic medicine can do for you

Osteopathic medicine uses all of the tools and techniques of conventional medicine including x-rays, laboratory testing, and other diagnostic tools, combined with a different approach. Osteopathic wellcare focuses on your body as an interrelated organism, with all parts of your body dependent on each other to create an environment of optimal health and vitality.

Osteopathic wellcare is designed with the goal of preventing illnesses and diseases before they can occur. Osteopathic treatments are proactive to prevent disease, not reactive, as in reacting to disease after it has happened.

Taking a holistic approach, osteopathic medicine uses all the best knowledge and techniques from Eastern and Western medicine. Your osteopathic doctor will perform regular examinations to keep you healthy, including taking blood pressure and other vital stats, dietary counseling, current medication regimen, lifestyle factors, the amount of exercise you add into your life, and your stress levels.

If you do get sick, your doctors at Biggers Family Medicine also treat all types of illnesses and diseases including:

  • Viruses and bacterial infections like colds, the flu, or pneumonia
  • Strains and sprains of muscles, tendons, and ligaments
  • Chronic pain from an injury, accident, or other cause

You can rely on the doctors at Biggers Family Medicine for all of your medical needs including physicals for work, sports, or school, vaccinations against infectious diseases, and to answer any questions you have about medical care.

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If you want more than conventional medicine has to offer, it’s time to discover what osteopathic wellcare can do for you. To learn more, call Drs. Joel and Elizabeth Biggers at Biggers Family Medicine in Brandon, FL, today by dialing (813) 655-4646.