Taking Care of Your Health When You Have Diabetes
February 05, 2021
Category: Healthcare
Tags: Diabetes  

Dr. Joel Biggers and Dr. Elizabeth Biggers of Biggers Family Medicine in Brandon, FL help patients of all ages with diabetes. Managing your health is imperative when you've been diagnosed with diabetes.

Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes the best thing you can do is commit to managing your diabetes. Monitoring your blood sugar, taking any medications, and following your doctor's instructions are all important for managing diabetes, and your Brandon, FL, physicians want to see you maintain your health.

Healthy eating and exercise are important to maintain a healthy weight and control diabetes. Choose healthy, low-fat foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. Drink plenty of water and skip sugary drinks. Find an exercise you enjoy, and commit to regular activity.

Healthy eating and exercise are also important to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control. This can only help you when you have diabetes. High blood pressure can damage your blood vessels, and high cholesterol does even more damage when you have diabetes.

Another thing you can do to manage your health with diabetes is committing to not smoking. Smoking only increases the chances you'll develop several complications related to diabetes. Most people can't quit on their own or their first try, so don't get discouraged.

Foot care is also important for diabetic patients. High blood sugar can reduce blood flow and damage the nerves in your feet, leaving the feet prone to infection. Daily washing of the feet is recommended, and check them every day for small cuts or blisters to prevent infection.

Managing stress is important for diabetic patients because stress often causes us to forget self-care. Stress can also raise your blood sugar. Get plenty of sleep and find relaxation techniques that work for you to control stress levels.

If you need help managing your diabetes, contact Dr. Joel Biggers and Dr. Elizabeth Biggers of Biggers Family Medicine in Brandon, FL at (813) 655-4646.