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October 08, 2021
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Your primary doctor provides women’s health services through all stages of their female patients' lives.

While most women turn to their OBGYNs for matters related to women’s health, they also shouldn’t forget the importance of having a primary doctor that they can turn to for annual visits, screenings, and more. Along with the traditional medical care we offer for women’s health, our Brandon, FL, primary care physicians Drs. Joel and Elizabeth Biggers also offer osteopathic medicine. Find out what this means for you, your health, and your wellbeing.

Why do women need a primary doctor?

Yes, you will turn to your OBGYN for Pap tests, annual exams, and screenings but this doesn’t mean that your OBGYN replaces your regular doctor. After all, our team of doctors understands your unique medical history. We also know the appropriate screenings, tests, and exams to perform to detect hormonal issues that may be impacting your mood, health, and energy levels.

We also know the unique screenings that women will require such as bone density testing to check for osteoporosis, which is particularly important for menopausal women to prevent bone loss and other issues associated with this drop in hormone levels. We can also help women balance out their hormones naturally.

What is osteopathic medicine and how can it help me?

Osteopathic medicine focuses on the body as a whole, and how every system in the body has to work together to help you function at your best. Our Brandon, FL, doctors understand the unique role that hormones play in women’s health and how hormonal fluctuations and imbalances can impact health and wellbeing. Through osteopathic manipulative medicine, we have helped women through all stages of life.

For one, osteopathic manipulation therapy can help ease pregnancy-related aches and pains and improve posture. By rebalancing the body, osteopathic medicine can also improve joint and muscle pain associated with stress hormones, cortisol increases, and rising estrogen levels, making this a great way to ease stress, anxiety, fatigue, and other pre-menstrual symptoms. It may also help with headaches and hot flashes caused by menopause.

Osteopathic medicine also offers women a safe, effective, and drug-free approach to managing and treating their issues that can complement their current treatment plan, whether they are dealing with pregnancy pains, premenstrual issues, or menopausal symptoms.

Here at Biggers Family Medicine, our doctors are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality women’s health care you can find in Brandon, FL. If you have questions about osteopathic medicine and how it could improve your health and wellbeing, call our practice today at (813) 655-4646.