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February 05, 2021

Put simply, osteopathic medicine offers a unique approach and view to patient care by blending the art and science of medicine. D.O.s or Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine have licenses to practice surgery and primary care medicine as well as extra training in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions. A key principle of osteopathic medicine is the belief that plenty of diseases cause, or are due to, issues with the musculoskeletal system that includes your bones, muscles, and nerves.

Here at Biggers Family Medicine in Brandon, FL, your D.O.s, Dr. Joel Biggers and Dr. Elizabeth Biggers pay special attention to how the body parts function together for treating and preventing health problems.

The History of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still established osteopathic medicine during the late 1800s. Essentially, its main philosophy focuses on the identification and treatment of a health problem’s root cause, instead of just alleviating the symptoms. The key principles of osteopathic medicine include:

  • Your body functions as one whole unit. It’s not just a sum of its body parts.
  • Function and structure are interrelated.
  • Your body was made with the innate ability for self-healing.

This means that understanding your overall health, not just your physical health, but the health of your mind as well, will help enhance your body’s natural healing abilities, further empowering and energizing it.

Practitioners of osteopathic medicine utilize OMT or osteopathic manipulation treatment to facilitate healing and proper functioning. This treatment involves gentle resistance and pressure for working your muscles, joints, and connective tissues. It aims to relieve pain, restore mobility, increase ROM or range-of-motion, and support your body’s structure to aid it in functioning as expected or more efficiently. Patients are provided with customized treatment plans.

Who Can Benefit from Osteopathic Medicine?

Here at our practice in Brandon, FL, we provide osteopathic medicine treatments to people of all ages. In general, we work with patients suffering from headaches, neck and/or back pain, stomach issues, reflux, constipation, asthma, arthritis, scoliosis, and pelvic pain.

Interested in Osteopathic Medicine? Reach Out to Us

Call (813) 655-4646 to arrange a consultation with one of our Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Joel Biggers or Dr. Elizabeth Biggers of Biggers Family Medicine in Brandon, FL.

November 15, 2018

With the increase in serious chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, more and more people are osteopathic medicineconsidering the benefits of preventive medicine for protecting their health. Here in Brandon, FL, our family doctors Dr. Joel Biggers and Dr. Elisabeth Biggers believe nothing is more important than providing you with the care you need to prevent health conditions from developing in the first place. One way in which we can do that is through osteopathic medicine.

What is osteopathic medicine?

Instead of just focusing on certain symptoms and how to alleviate them, our Brandon, FL, primary care physicians provide a “whole body” approach to caring for your health. After all, everything in the body is interconnected and when one thing is dysfunctional chances are good that other systems and areas of the body will also be dysfunctional. Osteopathic medicine provides manipulative therapy and techniques to improve how the musculoskeletal system functions, which in turn improves other systems within the body as well.

Why should I turn to an osteopathic doctor (DO)?

First and foremost, our goal is to prevent health problems whenever possible. While we offer a full range of manipulative treatments to improve the body, this isn’t the only thing we can do. We will also go through your medical history and discuss lifestyle changes you can make to improve your health for the long term and to reduce your risk for developing certain health problems.

Even though we focus on preventing health problems, we also have the tools to provide care to those dealing with certain conditions. Through manipulation and other therapeutic techniques, we can promote faster and more efficient healing within the body.

We believe it’s important to look past just the symptoms you are experiencing and to truly determine the best approach for improving your overall health. Of course, an osteopathic doctor can also prescribe medication and provide other treatment options when necessary.

Who can benefit from osteopathic medicine?

While most people can benefit from the therapeutic care osteopathic medicine has to offer, people specifically dealing with back pain, migraines, tennis elbow, digestive problems, pain related to poor posture, arthritis and similar conditions can benefit from osteopathic medicine.

If you are interested in learning more about osteopathic medicine and how it could help you, then it’s time to call Biggers Family Medicine in Brandon, FL. Let us know what issues you are hoping to address through osteopathic medicine and let’s get you feeling better!

October 22, 2018
Category: Family Medicine

No matter your age or stage in life, you need patient-centered medical care. We're pleased that you've chosen Biggers Family Medicine as your medical home. Dr. Joel Biggers and Dr. Elizabeth Biggers and their caring staff provide family medicine in Brandon which focuses on the whole person. That philosophy is central to osteopathic medicine. Learn more about osteopathic medicine and how it benefits you.

Human SkeletonBasic medical needs

Dr. Joel Biggers and Dr. Elisabeth Biggers concentrate on acute and chronic medical services. Whether you have pneumonia or need to manage a continuing condition such as asthma or diabetes, they'll provide the diagnostic testing, treatment, prescriptions, referrals and other services you need for optimal health and function.

Their holistic approach comes from their training in osteopathic medicine. This kind of physician training and patient care helps the doctor see his or her patient as a whole person, not just a set of symptoms or needs, says the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine.

For instance, Dr. Biggers looks at how all the body systems function--or dysfunction--together. How does an individual's psychological and emotional health impact his cardiovascular system, for instance? How does her job and family situation affect her muscular-skeletal system? In short, what is the whole person like as he moves, eats, works, lives as a family member, worker and more?

Medical services

Your osteopaths urge all their patients to have routine physical assessments at Biggers Family Medicine in Brandon. These baseline examinations key in on the basics of:

  • Height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, heart and breath sounds and pulse
  • Reflexes
  • Ear, nose and throat assessment
  • Joint flexibility
  • Current concerns or complaints
  • Emotional and mental well-being
  • Immunizations (to guard against tetanus, pneumonia, shingles, influenza and more)
  • Exercise, nutrition and patient education

These consultations give you and your doctor time to discuss what's really the heart of osteopathic medicine: prevention of disease and management of existing health conditions.

A word about aging

At Biggers Family Medicine, your physicians will order the screening tests you need appropriate for your age group--things such as colonoscopies, PSA tests, mammography, bone scans, hearing tests, routine blood work and more. They also coordinate care with specialists and community organizations as needed when you have an age-related condition, such as dementia or cataracts, which needs additional supportive services.

We're glad we're your medical home

At Biggers Family Medicine, we're here to serve you and your entire family. Your goal is our goal: optimizing your body's natural gifts to keep you healthy and happy. Call today for your routine physical assessment or if you have any question or concern: (813) 655-4646.