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May 13, 2019
Category: Family Medicine

But our attentive, friendly medical care serving Brandon, FL, has stayed the same.

We are proud to announce that Biggers Family Medicine has found a new home in Brandon, FL, as of March 15 (just in time for spring). doctor visitNow our dedicated patients can find us at 538 Wilbur St, Brandon, FL, 33511. Of course, if you are a brand new patient looking for primary care physicians like our own Drs. Joel and Elizabeth Biggers who can provide you with a full spectrum of medical care then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Biggers Family Medicine, the focus is on preventive medicine. Everyone should have a primary care doctor that they work with in Brandon, FL, to provide them with checkups, screenings, vaccinations and more to keep illnesses, both acute and chronic, at bay. The key to healthy living is to prevent illness rather than just treating the problem once it arises.

Remember, a primary care physician is by your side throughout your life, helping you determine the best choices for your health. Whether that includes changing your diet, losing weight or quitting smoking, our doctors can help you make those simple lifestyle changes that can also make a great impact on your life.

We provide comprehensive and continuous care to patients of all ages living within the Brandon, FL, area. We take a proactive approach to preventing illness, as well as managing chronic conditions and improving your quality of life. As a family practice, we treat patients of all ages, from toddlers to seniors. We work with you and your medical history to make sure that you get the individualized and compassionate care you are looking for so you always know where to turn when it comes to getting medical care.

The benefits of having a primary physician that you can turn to all the time for everything from routine checkups and flu vaccinations is vital for long-term health. With our most recent move, we hope to make our services even more accessible and convenient for our patients, both new and loyal. Find Biggers Family Medicine at our new address 538 Wilbur St, Brandon, FL, 33511. Call us today at (813) 655-4646 to schedule an appointment. And also note, we have a new fax number too: (855) 366-8430.