Annual Wellness Visit

What is an Annual Wellness Visit and Why is it Important?

We shouldn’t be waiting for health problems to arise before we finally take precautionary measures to improve our health and wellbeing. The goal of any doctor is to help patients improve their health through better living, diet, and exercise, and to prevent disease. One preventive measure all of our patients should get, regardless of age or health, is an annual wellness visit.

What is An Annual Wellness Visit?

These wellness visits are not the same as a standard physical examination. A wellness visit is your opportunity, as a patient, to take an active and vested interest in your health. During these annual checkups, you will sit down with our family physicians to discuss your current health, your medical history, and any concerns you might have.

During your appointment, our doctors may recommend certain medications, preventive lifestyle changes, immunizations, or specific medical screenings based on your age, health, and risk factors. An annual wellness visit encompasses a full spectrum of health care with the goal of preventing both acute and chronic health problems in the future.

What to Expect During Your Visit

During your visit, you will need to provide your detailed medical history, which includes both family and personal medical history of hospitalizations, surgeries, chronic conditions, and medications. If you are currently taking vitamins, supplements or medications make sure to write them all down or bring them with you to your appointment.

If you are seeing other doctors or specialists make sure that you let us know, as we can also work with your current specialists and other medical providers to make sure that you are getting the most effective and comprehensive care you need. We will also make sure that you are up to date on all vaccines, as well as recommend certain vaccinations (e.g. HPV vaccine; flu shot) that may benefit you.

Your wellness visit will also involve a comprehensive examination that includes recording and monitoring your height, weight, and vitals (e.g. heart rate; blood pressure). We may also examine your vision, hearing, and other areas of the body, especially if you have any specific concerns, symptoms or issues.

Each wellness visit is tailored to you and your needs. As patients get older there are certain screenings that may benefit them such as colonoscopies and mammograms, which we can recommend. By keeping up with your annual wellness visit you can safeguard your health and promote better wellbeing and quality of life.

To schedule your annual wellness exam please call Biggers Family Medicine in Brandon, FL, at (813) 655-4646 .