The Role Nutrition Plays in Overall Health

Searching for ways to naturally improve your health? Dr. Joel Biggers and Dr. Elizabeth Biggers at Biggers Family Medicine – your primary care physician in Brandon, FL – are here to help.

Nutrition and Your Overall Health

Many people go through life every day without thinking much about what they put into their bodies. Others obsess over it. There's no need for obsessing, but it is important to understand the role it plays. Below, Dr. Joel and Dr. Elizabeth at Biggers Family Medicine – your primary care physician in Brandon, FL – explain the importance of nutrition and the various ways it impacts your overall health.

Importance of Nutrition 

You know that to keep a vehicle running, it has to be fueled properly. You need literal fuel to make it run, of course, but it also requires oil and other fluids to keep everything operating smoothly. Without them, the engine and various parts can seize up and quit working.

Your body is similar. You need to take in certain vitamins, nutrients, and minerals for it to operate as it should. And without them, your body can wear down and become ill.

Below you’ll find just a handful of ways that poor nutrition can impact your health.


Your immune system is responsible for fighting off illness and diseases and keeping you well. However, you can’t fight a battle without the essential armor and weapons. When your body isn’t properly fueled, your immune system doesn’t have the energy it needs to fight.

Heart Health 

The heart is working every second of our lives. Poor heart health can lead to high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, and more. Proper nutrition can keep you alive and your heart working strong every day.


Often, people find themselves tired and fatigued, relying on caffeine to just get through the day. However, proper nutrition can replenish your body and provide natural energy.

Mental Health 

When the body isn’t fueled properly, it can lead to short attention spans, irritability, poor decision-making, poor concentration, and an increase in feelings of depression and anxiety. Changing your diet to include more nutrients can improve your mood, focus, alertness, and more.


Everyone’s body has a weight range that is healthy. Being above or below that weight range can lead to many issues, including heart problems, difficulty breathing, mental health struggles, and more. Proper nutrition can help achieve and maintain a healthy weight to combat all of these effects.

Learn more about how proper nutrition can help you by visiting your primary care physician, Dr. Joel or Dr. Elizabeth at Biggers Family Medicine, today. Schedule an appointment at (813) 655-4646.

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