The Importance of Blood Pressure Monitoring in Adult Physical Exams

Anyone who has ever been to a doctor is aware that blood pressure is taken at the beginning of the visit, along with other various diagnostic tests. What is the point of blood pressure monitoring? And why is it required at every physical exam? Dr. Joel Biggers, Dr. Elizabeth Biggers, and the team at Biggers Family Medicine in Brandon, FL answer these questions below.

What Is the Point of Monitoring Blood Pressure?

 Physicians like Dr. Joel and Dr. Elizabeth at Biggers Family Medicine in Brandon, FL are committed to the health of each of their patients, which is why they use various diagnostic tests like blood pressure monitoring during physical exams. 

Your blood pressure might seem like just a number, but it can provide incredible insight into your health and any potential heart issues. Blood pressure is a number that tells your doctor how hard your heart has to work to pump blood. 

When the number is high, it means that something is restricting proper blood flow and the blood is hitting the artery walls with too much force. If not addressed, this can lead to various issues down the line, such as a heart attack or complete heart failure.  

Why Does It Need to Be Monitored At Each Visit? 

 Like any other potential issue, high blood pressure, hypertension, and heart trouble have a greater chance of being successfully treated when detected and addressed early. By monitoring your blood pressure every year, your doctor can determine if you are at risk of: 

  • Heart issues 
  • Kidney disease or failure 
  • Stroke 
  • Eye problems and more that can occur due to hypertension

 If your blood pressure is high, your doctor can develop a plan to address it immediately. Typically, this involves lifestyle adjustments, such as: 

  • Eating a more balanced diet 
  • Quitting smoking 
  • Exercising 
  • Managing stress 

 It may also include taking medication or supplements, having more frequent checkups, or visiting specialists. 

Additionally, by monitoring your blood pressure regularly, your doctor can help pinpoint when things change and the factors that led to it. For example, imagine that your blood pressure is at a healthy level at one check-up and much higher the next. You and your doctor can discuss changes in your lifestyle and other factors that might be different from your last visit. This can help determine the best adjustments to make in your life. 

Keep your heart and the rest of your organs in good health through regular blood pressure monitoring and physicals with Dr. Joel and Dr. Elizabeth. Schedule an appointment at Biggers Family Medicine in Brandon, FL by calling (813) 655-4646 today. 

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