When To See Your Primary Care Physician

A primary care practitioner is useful for more than just when you're sick. You can visit for a number of reasons, though being ill is one. At Biggers Family Medicine, serving Brandon, FL, and the nearby region, Dr. Joel Biggers and Dr. Elizabeth Biggers can assist you in getting healthy and remaining that way.

When You're Sick

The first and most obvious reason to see a primary care physician in Brandon, FL, is when you're sick. Whether you're feeling symptoms of respiratory, urinary tract, or eye infection, are having signs of Lyme disease or another similar issue, or are just not feeling yourself, our doctors are available to help. The treatment may include an antibiotic or other medication, at-home treatments, or various other options.

For Yearly Well Visits 

We advise patients to come in once per year for a wellness check. At this visit, we can discuss any issues you're having, monitor your vitals, and perform routine blood work, among other testing, to detect problems when they're most treatable and improve your quality of life. We may be able to prevent the problem from worsening. 

These visits are also excellent times to manage any chronic conditions and alter your treatment as needed. 

We'll also provide you with advice on how you can stay healthy and ward off many health problems in the future.

Get Your Routine Vaccines

Though vaccinations are typically thought of for children because of the number they receive in their primitive years, there are certain ones that can benefit adults, especially those most at risk. For one, we can provide you with a yearly flu vaccination at your wellness visit. The flu has been known to kill, and the effects can keep you away from work, your children, and everything else in life as you fight it off. You can prevent that with an inoculation.

When You're Feeling Symptoms of Your Chronic Condition Worsening

If you have diabetes, heart disease, asthma, or any other chronic condition and you're feeling the symptoms returning or worsening, you should visit us. We can see where the problem lies and alter your current treatment plan to better manage it.

If You Sustain an Injury

If you sustain an injury that doesn't require emergency care, we can treat it through at-home measures, braces, bandaging, and more. We can help you heal to the best of your ability.

Biggers Family Medicine, serving Brandon, FL, and the nearby region, has Dr. Joel Biggers and Dr. Elizabeth Biggers, who are available in sickness and health. We can provide preventative care to keep you as healthy as possible and optimize your quality of life at any age.

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