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September 30, 2021
Category: Family Medicine
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Chronic diseases can progress rapidly and produce serious health problems that may linger for a long time. That's why Biggers Family Medicine of Brandon, FL, provides high-quality care for these problems. Dr. Joel Biggers and Dr. Elizabeth Biggers work together as a family to provide comprehensive care that makes sense for your needs.

Types of Chronic Diseases

Chronic illnesses come in many shapes and sizes and impact your life in different ways. Just a few of the most common chronic conditions in the world include:

  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • AIDS or HIV
  • Osteoarthritis or other types of arthritis
  • Asthma and other breathing troubles
  • Bipolar Disorders (I or II)
  • Cancer and cancer-related symptoms
  • Emphysema and other degenerative conditions
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Epilepsy and other seizure disorders
  • Hashimoto's Disease and other auto-immune disorders
  • Chronic heart disease (high blood pressure etc.)
  • Inflammatory bowel disease and other similar conditions
  • Scoliosis and other spinal concerns

If you suffer from any of these conditions or believe that you do, you should talk to a doctor right away to learn more about the care methods available for your needs.

Why Treatment is So Important

Chronic conditions can become a painful problem that requires a family medicine doctor in Brandon, FL, to manage appropriately. Treating these issues typically takes a few different steps and approaches, each of which is designed to help you overcome these dangers. Therapy can take place on both physical and emotional levels and helps by:

  • Diagnosing the root of your illness and how long it has affected you
  • Reading through your medical history to learn more about complicating concerns
  • Finding treatments that make it easier to get through your day-to-day life
  • Adjusting care methods, as necessary, to help you fully recover on your terms
  • Providing checkups that ensure your recovery is going smoothly and easily
  • Doing follow-up examinations to find any other potential source of conflict

Treatments for chronic illness vary based on the disease you've developed. For example, conditions like AIDS require a large amount of medication to produce a balanced life. Arthritis has a similarly demanding range of therapies that help keep you stable and productive. Finding a team who can work with you can ensure that you get the best overall results possible for your needs.

How We Can Help You

Do you have a chronic condition that needs help? Then, please contact us at Biggers Family Medicine to learn more about your care options. Our treatment includes family medicine in Brandon, FL, which helps manage a broad array of different concerns. Dr. Joel Biggers and Dr. Elizabeth Biggers fully understand these care methods and will help you. So please call (813) 655-4646 to get started.